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D & J Scott Galleries

Art and antiques for the discerning collector.

D&J Scott Galleries, founded in December 1990, is a haven for art enthusiasts, offering a wide array of art and antiques, along with professional decorating services, research assistance, and corporate art solutions. They’re also dedicated to nurturing local talent by providing a platform for emerging artists to showcase their work.

Jeri Scott, the visionary behind the gallery, is deeply ingrained in community service, striving to uplift various aspects of society. With a keen focus on utilizing art for fundraising, she established Art Accord in 1963. Jeri’s extensive volunteer work includes leadership roles in multiple organizations and serving as an artistic advisor for the S. June Smith Center, supporting individuals with Multiple Sclerosis and special needs. Her initiatives have not only raised funds for medical assistance but have also provided crucial support to institutions like the Pennsylvania School of Art and Design and Day Spring Christian School. Additionally, Jeri’s expertise is highly sought after as a judge at prestigious art events, including The Wild, Wild West Traditional, Classic and Modern Southwestern Art, and The Wonderful World of Railroading – Giff Teller.

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