June 25, 2021 Celebrate Lancaster

Celebrate Lancaster is an annual celebration of Lancaster City’s vibrant culture & diversity along with the city’s Fourth of July celebration. Celebrate Lancaster 2021 will be spread “around town” hitting every neighborhood.

The Celebration Goes On! We’re On The Move

Celebrate Lancaster will take place Friday, June 25, 2021 throughout Lancaster City throughout the afternoon. Here’s what to look forward to: mobile performances with musicians on trucks bringing live music to every neighborhood, food trucks in different areas of the city for residents to enjoy, and to end the night there will be a fireworks display at various locations at dusk residents can view from multiple points of Lancaster City.

illustration of Central Market in Lancaster City

Entertainment Mobile Music Trucks

Multiple mobile performances with bands on flatbed trucks will cover each of the four quadrants of Lancaster City. There will also be bands on city streets and city parks for neighbors to enjoy. All music performances will be from 5 – 7 pm.

DJ Watts @ Mobile Music Truck

DJ Watts

Official Dj For Raldi & Nakuu. Resident Dj @chameleon_club & @launchmusicconference


  1. Left out of Shumaker onto Harrisburg Ave
  2. Left onto College Ave
  3. Up college toward North Museum
  4. Right onto Buchanan Ave past North Museum
  5. Left onto West End Ave
  6. Straight on West End Ave toward Columbia Ave
  7. Left onto Columbia Ave
  8. Right onto Ruby Street
  9. Straight on Ruby Street
  10. Left onto 3rd Street
  11. Follow 3rd street toward King Street past Rodney Park
  12. Head to King street (999)
  13. Left onto King Street
  14. Up king street toward Penn Square
  15. Left at Penn Square onto N. Queen Street past Shot & Bottle
  16. Up N. Queen Street to Yorgos
  17. Take left onto Orange Street past Yorgos
  18. Straight on Orange Street toward Mulberry Street
  19. Take right onto Mulberry Street
  20. Up Mulberry Street toward Lemon Street
  21. Left onto Lemon Street  toward College and Buchanan Ave
  22. Straight toward Buchanan Ave
  23. Left onto West End Ave
  24. Repeat

Julia Jordan Kamanda @ Mobile Music Truck

Julia Jordan Kamanda

“Julia Jordan Kamanda, singer/songwriter, music mentor, and owner of J3Music Studios, is on a music mission. Her focus is on spreading a positive musical message to encourage and empower others. In 2010 Julia co-founded the Creative Arts Initiative in Sierra Leone, West Africa and travelled there to teach young women new ways to express themselves creatively through the arts. She currently offers songwriting, guitar, and vocal mentoring sessions to students of all ages; blogs about the experience of being a musician and a mom on her “Music Mommy” blog; and offers a music supervision service for independent filmmakers.

As a songwriter, Julia’s music is acoustic based; but the arrangements go much deeper, pulling inspiration from her jazz and folk roots and natural R&B soul. On her debut album Urban Legacy, released in 2007, she presents songs about light, love and trusting life’s changes- lessons she learned from her musical genius father, Stanley Jordan, and her poetess mother, Sandy Kilpatrick Jordan. At 30 years old, she already has 21 years of professional performance experience and her voice has carried her around the world to grace the stages of legendary music venues, including the Buzios Jazz y Blues Festival in Brazil; the Cairo Opera House in Egypt; the Long Beach Jazz Festival in California; and Alice Tully Hall in New York City, among many others. In her first music-for-film projects, Julia teamed up with Biko Studios to provide music supervision for two short films, SALAY and Kombra, both of which have gone on to win numerous awards and are currently making their way through the international film festival circuit.”– www.themusicmommy.com


  1. Right out of Shumaker onto Harrisburg Ave
  2. down Harrisburg Ave toward Prince Street
  3. Right onto Prince Street
  4. Pass Our Town Brewery, Double C, go through Gallery Row
  5. Cross over Orange Street pass Sprout, Prince Street Café, and Fulton Theater
  6. Cross over King Street stay straight on Prince Street
  7. Straight on Prince Street
  8. Right onto Hazel Street
  9. Head toward Laurel Street
  10. Head up Laurel Street
  11. Right onto W. Vine Street
  12. Up W. Vine Street
  13. Left onto S. Queen Street
  14. Up S. Queen toward Penn Square
  15. Go around to the left of Penn Square to N. Queen Street
  16. Pass Shot & Bottle
  17. Up N. Queen Street toward Walnut
  18. Left onto Walnut up Walnut
  19. Left onto Prince
  20. Repeat

Martini Bros @ Mobile Music Truck

Martini Bros

Harrisburg, PA-based retro-rockabilly combo the Martini Brothers was formed in the spring of 1994 by singer/guitarist Deuce Gibb, bassist Mike Mead and drummer Chad Matson. The following year saw the release of the band’s debut single “Up All Night,” followed in 1997 by the full-length Portable; that October, however, Matson suffered a fatal drug overdose, and although Gibb and Mead originally opted to dissolve the Martini Brothers, they ultimately reformed the group with new drummer Rej Troup.


  1. Leave Shumaker take left onto Harrisburg Ave
  2. Left onto W. Mulberry
  3. Pass the Fridge, Wyndridge, Callaloo, Floras
  4. Straight on Mulberry toward King Street
  5. Left onto King Street
  6. Straight on King Street toward N. Queen
  7. Pass Taproom, Pressroom, Max’s
  8. Take left onto N. Queen Street past Shot & Bottle
  9. Proceed down N. Queen Street past 300 block N. Queen restaurants and shops
  10. Take left onto W. James Street toward Harrisburg Ave
  11. Go straight on Harrisburg Ave
  12. Left onto Mulberry and repeat route

Trash Juice @ Mobile Music Truck

Trash Juice

Combining energetic performance with raw talent, Trash Juice and their music are paving the way as an instrumental Band for the modern generation.


  1. Right onto Harrisburg Ave
  2. Right onto water street
  3. Right onto James Street toward Luca
  4. Up James street toward College Ave (past Luca)
  5. Left onto College Ave then left onto Lemon Street
  6. Pass Splits and Giggles, West End Market, and Sugar Bowl on Lemon Street
  7. Stay straight on Lemon Street until reach Belvedere on Prince Street
  8. Left onto N. Queen Street
  9. Up Queen Street past Decades
  10. Left onto 222
  11. Up 222
  12. Left on to Prince Street
  13. Up Prince Street
  14. Pass Neptune Diner, Cartel Brewing, Route 66
  15. Straight on Prince Street past Clipper, Prana PT heading toward Harrisburg Ave
  16. Turn right onto Harrisburg Ave
  17. left onto Water and repeat onto James street

Tuck Ryan Band @ Mobile Music Truck

Tuck Ryan Band

A soulful blend of Americana, Jazz, and R&B from Lancaster, PA. Tuck’s debut record, Warmest Blue and latest EPs, Little Things Vol. I & II are both out and available on all streaming platforms. Tuck’s band is rounded out by Josh Kanusky, of David Bromberg Band, on drums, Matt Hostetter on guitar/vocals, and Caden Myers, of Sun Not Yellow, on bass. The band is currently in the process of finishing a new album to be released in 2021.


  1. Right out of Shumaker onto Harrisburg Ave
  2. Pass Lombardos
  3. Head toward E. James Street
  4. Cross over N. Queen street to E. James Street
  5. Take a right onto N. Duke Street
  6. Pass Smileys Deli
  7. Stay straight on N. Duke Street pass Noodle King and City Hall
  8. Head toward S. Duke Street
  9. Pass Dolce Vita
  10. Continue to S. Duke Street
  11. Cross over Church street onto E. Farnum Street
  12. Head toward S. Queen Street
  13. Right onto S. Queen Street toward Vine Street
  14. Cross over Vine Street toward the Marriott
  15. Take a right past the Marriott onto King street
  16. Pass Tellus, Annies, etc.
  17. stay straight on King Street toward Plum Street
  18. take left onto Plum Street
  19. Follow Plum toward New Holland Ave
  20. Right onto New Holland Ave toward Plum Street
  21. Left onto N. Plum
  22. follow Plum toward E. New Street
  23. left onto E. New Street
  24. follow E. New Street toward N. Duke Street
  25. Left onto N. Duke Street
  26. follow N. Duke Street to S. Duke Street
  27. Repeat route

Mark DeRose Band @ Buchanan Park

Mark DeRose Band

“DREADNOUGHT BRIGADE s/sw Mark DeRose has had the pleasure of opening for national touring artists Rusted Root, Gin Blossoms, Michelle Branch, Edwin McCain, Blues Traveler, The Sugar Hill Gang and Josh Kelley. As well, he performed as part of an NFL halftime show for the Baltimore Ravens and his music has been featured for use on daytime television.

Early in 2013, DREADNOUGHT BRIGADE s/sw Mark DeRose was primarily working as a solo artist and considering a new sound for his music. It was at that time, he put together Mark DeRose & The Dreadnought Brigade. A few incarnations of the band’s line up, some musical exploration and what became a needed, shortened name change – brings you to 2019 and the DREADNOUGHT BRIGADE.

The core of the band is held down by DeRose on guitars and keys, Kyle Hancock on electric, Chris Jakubowicz on bass and Jake Ritchey on drums. A rich layer of melodic goodness is then added by the DREADNOUGHT BRIGADE’s two man horn section of Ryan Shenk on tenor and soprano sax, and Blake Hillard on Trumpet. Additionally, DeRose loves the opportunity to take advantage of his bandmate’s ability to sing harmony vocals, frequently adding the use of 3 and 4 part harmonies to their songs.

The DREADNOUGHT BRIGADE’s music calls upon DeRose’s love for rootsy blue-eyed soul and classic rock of the late 60s and 70s. The band brings high-energy performances of DeRose’s upbeat, feel good music to stages across the tri-state region. However, they’re just as happy to leave the amps at home and bring the same positive energy to acoustic settings, listening rooms, and house concerts in an effort to suit whatever the venue and performance space provides.

The main goal when this band steps on stage is simple – spread a little joy through music! For fans of Van Morrison, Dave Matthews, The Doobies, The Allman Brothers and The Band.”– dreadnought-music.com

Swing Combo Salsa Band @ Binn’s Park

Swing Combo Salsa Band

“On behalf of our followers, fans, friends and family we are grateful to still be around another year making playing great music and making incredible memories. Swing Combo Salsa Band is Originally from “The Brick City” Newark New Jersey and has 25 years of Latin Music Experience. Swing Combo has performed in various Festivals, Parades, Salsa Socials, Casinos, Virtual, Clubs & Private Events throughout Tri State Area including Philly and Maryland. We had an incredible 2019 and we are still recovering a Pandemic on 2020.

We appreciate the love and support of everyone who has reached out and wished us well and we look forward to get going on 2021. Our number one goal is have fun in all of our performances so that our followers can enjoy our music. We promise to bring the same level of energy in every single event we perform for you.

Under the direction of Mike Perez and Jeffrey “Jazzy” Lopez, Swing Combo has maintained a level of professionalism that shows in our sound, our appearance and most of all the love for our followers. No event is too small for Swing Combo Salsa Band and we look forward to seeing you enjoying our music.

Once again thank you for the love and support you keep showing us and don’t forget to follow us on our Social Media Facebook and Instagram Pages for more pictures, Upcoming Event Flyers and Videos of our 2021 Events. Also, don’t forget to sign up to our email list for information on upcoming events.” — swingcombo.com

PA Mambo Orquesta @ 318 E. King Street

PA Mambo Orquesta

The Pa Mambo Orquesta is a new project bringing “heavy metal” salsa dura to your event, guaranteed to keep the dancers on the dancefloor! We are experienced professional musicians dedicated to making your event the success you expect. The “heavy metal” we speak of is not of shredding guitar riffs, but the power of three trombones giving you the hard edged salsa sound you’d have to go to Philly or NYC for. We also work with some of the best DJ’s, sound engineers and dance instructors in our area, further simplifying your event planning experience.

3rd Power Family Soul @ King Elementary, S. Duke Street

3rd Power Family Soul

3rd Power “Family Soul” is an exciting interactive musical group with something for everyone. Music base in the “Funk” genre. We’ll give you everything from Chaka Khan to Parliament Funkadelic.

Love Haters @ 551 West (6-9pm)

Dining Food Trucks

During Celebrate Lancaster on June 25 food trucks will be placed at various locations around Lancaster City to enjoy. All food trucks will be out from 12 – 7 pm.* Plus, you can dine at restaurants offering outdoor seating or takeout.

Reunion Soul Food

@ Crispus Attucks, 407 Howard Avenue

Nano Grill

@ King Elementary School, S. Duke Street

Souvlaki Boys

@ Binns Park, 120 N. Queen Street, *5 – 7 pm

Mista Twista


@ Buchanan Park, 901 Buchanan Ave.

See A Full List of Open Restaurants


This year the Celebrate Lancaster fireworks will be spread out at multiple locations. This means the fireworks shows can be viewed from various points of the city.

Thomas Armstrong Blvd., near Clipper Stadium

Southeast Middle, 431 S. Ann Street

Art in the Square:

Free art activities! Visit Penn Square from 3 – 6 pm to learn about upcoming classes, exhibits, events, and performances at some of the arts and cultural organizations that make our City great! Demuth Museum & Lancaster Museum of Art, Fulton Opera House, Center for Creative Exploration at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design, The Ware Center – Millersville University, Lancaster Creative Reuse