Simply Sweet

Every dentist's favorite stand, Simply Sweet is one stand that kids visiting Central Market can't seem to resist.

Every dentist’s favorite stand, Simply Sweet is one stand that kids visiting Central Market can’t seem to resist. On any given market day you will find this stand surrounded by swarms of youngsters – on their tippy-toes – trying to see every last kind of candy on display.

Did we mention that Simply Sweet sells a huge assortment of candies? Actually this popular stand sells over one-hundred-and fifty different kinds of candy. They breakdown their choices into three main candy categories: Gummies, Chocolates, and Vintage Candies. Under the gummy category, they carry over thirty different shapes, sizes, flavors, insects, and Scandinavian fish. Chocolates are everybody’s favorite different breed, and Simply Sweet purchases as much chocolate as possible from local sources: Wilbur’s chocolates from Lititz, Groff’s home made, and Fitzkee’s. Many kinds of chocolate confections are available to satisfy the cravings of any chocoholic. The third category – Vintage is very both fun and wide-ranging. One favorite novelty is the giant jawbreakers, which seem to be irresistible to any ten-year-old lad. Mary Janes, Licorice Ropes, Teaberry Gum, and Red Hot Dollars help comprise the Vintage category.

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