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One of PPM’s key strengths is our tight focus on the area we know best: Lancaster County. We are active in commercial leasing and sales management. To refine the focus even further, we generally restrict our real estate leasing and sales to Lancaster County. The simple reason is our familiarity with the locale, the types of enterprises it attracts, and the prevailing attitudes and sensibilities of its business community.

Our other major benefit is a natural outgrowth of our local focus: we’re very much “tuned in” to the actual needs of our real estate clients, to the condition of buildings, and to the need for both preventive and corrective maintenance. This intangible, combined with our extensive background and sterling reputation in property management, has led to a considerable number of direct referrals. In fact, we’ve never advertised for new business. We’ve maintained a low-key, word-of-mouth approach to building PPM, one that allows us to select clients and properties carefully and develop high comfort levels in our working relationships.