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Markley Actuarial Services

Professional services for businesses and financial professionals.

We believe now, more than ever, successful businesses depend on successful retirement programs. Markley can provide valuable assistance in creating and maintaining an effective retirement program for your employees.

Are you looking for an independent Third Party Administrator or Actuary? What does a TPA do? Why do you need a TPA?
Do you have a concern about the operation or compliance of your current retirement plan? With Markley’s established expertise and industry relationships, call us – we can help.
Have you failed a recent compliance test?
Do you want to implement a new retirement plan for your business?
Do you know the current compensation limits? Why are they important?
Are you looking for ways to reduce your taxable income? Read our Cash Balance Primer.

As an experienced Third Party Administrator and Actuary, Markley Actuarial knows how much you care about your clients, and we appreciate the active role you take in their retirement plans. We do not sell or represent investments. We are not your competition.

Statistics prove it – By strategizing together as partners at the proposal table, we can both earn a new client.

By actively referring clients to financial partners, we build strong relationships for future growth.
Our marketplace expertise and experience with multiple platforms allows you to offer your clients tailored solutions.
Provide you with customized plan designs that deliver the results you and your clients expect.
Our fees are transparent. We reduce our fees through any Third Party Revenue Sharing we receive.