InnerLink, Inc.

Headquartered in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, InnerLink, Inc., is a health and wellness company that combines best practices in data aggregation with cutting edge technology and engaging content to deliver software as a service in an effort to optimize health. InnerLink’s innovative solutions for health informatics support disease prevention and health promotion.

Historically, the business is best known for its development and marketing of the coordinated school health portal, Health eTools for Schools. Health eTools for Schools is a secure, Web-based data management system designed to monitor student health and fitness, help schools meet wellness mandates, and support a culture of wellness with access to real time data.

InnerLink is also known for its Student Health Force enrichment program that helps students become advocates for health, while facilitating the inclusion of health education into core subject areas through easy-to-use online health curriculum. Student Health Force curriculum is aligned with national education health standards and presented in three motivating blocks: Learn it! (knowledge), Live it! (application), and Share it! (advocacy).