The Baker’s Table

More than just a bakery, the Baker's Table has the history, food and experience needed to make memories that last a lifetime.

More than just a bakery, we have the history, food and experience needed to make memories that last a lifetime. The Baker’s Table is a blend of the old and the new, the refined and the simple, the hearty and the delicate. Antique tools for baking are artfully arranged around the space–a gesture to our industrial past. At the center of the bakery is a large communal table crafted out of the wood beams that were part of the factory that once operated in the very same space.

In the finishing room that adjoins the bakery, guests can watch through the windows as our pastry team adds final touches to their creations. There, you’ll find our executive chef Tammy Hurley infusing everything she makes with the back-to-basics goodness she learned from her mother on a Lancaster County dairy farm.

We are also open for breakfast and lunch and we specialize in pour over coffee from Blue Bottle Coffee Company. Every Saturday and Sunday from 7am – 11am we have a hot breakfast buffet for only $8.95 for adults, $4.95 for kids.  Walk in only, no reservations.

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