Street Spots for Music Friday

May to September 2019

Penn Square

North Queen Street 

Place Marie – 52 North Queen Street

Federal Taphouse – 201 North Queen Street

200 Block of North Queen Street

Madcap & Co. – 310 North Queen Street

PA Guild of Craftsmen – 335 North Queen Street

Corner of Lemon Street and N. Queen Street.

WLAN – North Queen Street

Wells Fargo – Corner of West Orange and North Queen Streets

North Prince Street

Prince Street Garage Piano – 111 North Prince Street

Corner of North Prince and West Orange Streets

The Ware Center – 42 North Prince Street

PCA&D – 204 North Prince Street

East & West King Street

Courthouse Steps – 51 East King Street

Silantra Stage – 101 East King Street

Younger Reality Group – 44 West King Street

Realm & Reason – 213 West King Street

N. Lime, W. Walnut, & N. Water Streets

Lancaster Art Museum – 135 North Lime Street

The Artist Studio and Gallery – 24A West Walnut Street

Zoetropolis – 112 North Water Street

Roving (moving around the city)