March 18, 2024Women’s History Month in Lancaster City: Personal Landscapes Gallery Show

Women’s History Month is a time for women’s work and contributions to be recognized for their impact on society. To celebrate Women’s History Month in Lancaster City, the Welcome Center is holding an art gallery titled “Personal Space: Women Artists Explore a Sense of Space” now until the end of May.

The gallery features five female artists each displaying their work for the city to enjoy. The featured artists include Aubrey Maurer, Stephanie Gibson, Reagan Lehman, Jennifer Nye and Barbara Hart.

Aubrey Maurer is a sculptor who uses the world around her to create art. Every piece is inspired by her interest in nature, organic form and modernist design. Overall Maurer’s sculptures invite visitors to connect with the natural world around them.

Stephanie Gibson is an acrylic painter who aims to emphasize the beauty of the natural world by exploring various textures and colors. Her art has a connection to the history of her family and the home she lives in adding to the layers of each painting she completes.

Reagan Lehman is a painter who explores other worlds in her art. She experiments with colors to create imaginary worlds opposite of ours. Lehman says that connections with other people, their stories and their visions, is at the heart of her work.

Jennifer Nye is an illustrator and fine artist who focuses on nostalgia and nature themes in her work. With experience in various illustration fields, Nye explores two different styles in her art creating for a diverse portfolio.

Barbara Hart is an artist, writer and teacher whose work is inspired by the landscapes around her. Growing up in Brooklyn, NY and moving to the slower pace of the Eastern Shore of Virginia, her art allows people to pause and reflect.

All art in the gallery is available for purchase! Stop by the Welcome Center at 38 Penn Square on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 9am to 3pm to view the gallery.