January 24, 2024Diyo Fusion – Authentically Delicious Nepali Cuisine

The cultural food scene continues to expand and flourish in Lancaster City. In 2013, Mohan Pradhan brought Lancastarians Himalayan Curry and Grill, offering a variety of Indian and Nepalese dishes.

Now, Mohan, his daughter Priya, and his sister Prana are expanding Indian and Nepali cuisine in Lancaster even further with the grand opening of Diyo Fusion, a fast-casual Nepali restaurant offering customizable dishes.

Distinct Nepali Cuisine at Diyo Fusion

Certainly, many of the dishes offered at Himalayan Curry and Grill are also featured at Diyo. These dishes include items such as chicken curry, lamb curry, butter chicken, samosas, and more.

Nonetheless, one can truly taste the different flavors delivered at Diyo. Himalayan Curry and Grill focuses heavily on Indian flavors, therefore Diyo is bringing a new twist by putting a stronger emphasis on Nepali cuisine.

In addition, one menu item that is unique to Diyo Fusion is their Quati, a nine-bean lentil dish traditional to Nepal. In addition, Diyo serves Chicken Sekuwa, marinated overnight in Nepali spices for maximum flavor. Traditional momos are also a must-have. Momos are a type of dumpling that contain a variety of spices and have the option of meat or vegetarian.

Artistic and Culture Dining Atmosphere

Also, another special element about Diyo Fusion is that when you walk in, you can’t miss the beautiful art on the walls created by two local artists in Lancaster.

Adam Serrano and Anthony Colavito, who you may know from ESO Arts, collaborated to create a beautiful mural for Diyo Fusion that represents both Nelipese and Lancastrian culture. The mural is a collage containing intricate cut-outs, combined with paintings to form a piece that displays landscapes and symbolism descending from Nepal and Lancaster.

Also, further back in the restaurant is another piece of artwork by Anthony Colavito. Anthony hand-painted this mural from a large painting that Prana’s grandfather crafted. It displays a Nepali woman making alcohol.

Diyo Fusion is one of a kind – offering flavorsome Nepali cuisine, accompanied by a dining atmosphere that culturally and artistically represents both Nepal and Lancaster.

The next time you stroll through Ewell Plaza, try Diyo Fusion today at 101 N Queen Street!

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