February 16, 20242nd Annual Lunar New Year Celebration in Lancaster City

Lunar New Year is an important event in the Asian American and Pacific Islander community celebrating the arrival of spring, and the start of a new year on the lunisolar calendar.

Lancaster City residents had to travel to other cities to celebrate Lunar New Year in previous years. Now, with the help of Cindy Lam Guo, and the Lancaster Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, a Lunar New Year celebration exists within Lancaster City!

Cindy Lam Guo is the co-founder of Silantra Asian Street Kitchen, the Lancaster AAPI president, and the Lunar New Year co-chair. Lam saw the need for a Lunar New Year celebration here in Lancaster City. Fortunately, with the help of the community and businesses, she is hosting the 2nd annual Lunar New Year Celebration in Ewell Plaza.

2024 Lunar New Year Celebration General Information

The event will be held in Ewell Plaza and Binns Park on Sunday, Feb. 18th, 2024 from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Attendees can enjoy various activities including Mayor Danene Sorace’s opening remarks, a scavenger hunt, several food vendors, and live performances!

Some of the contributors for this year’s event include:

Cultural Representation in Lancaster City

Lam and other Lancaster AAPI members are holding this event for the Lancaster community to celebrate Asian traditions and culture. Lam explains the importance of this event to their community. “I think it’s really important to show Lancaster that we are a part of the community. For so long so many different cultures have been celebrated in Lancaster, so for the first time our culture is being represented.”

After announcing the event last year, 500 attendees joined the festivities. Lam notes how much she appreciated the love being shown to her community. “It brings me nothing but joy to see the community excited to have their very own local Lunar New Year celebration.”

To ensure the event is inclusive to all Asian cultures, there will be performances and food from Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai and Korean cultures. Lam emphasizes that she wants the event to be for everyone. “It’s all about the community coming together and welcoming others.”

With this year’s celebration being the second annual event, Lam can see how the celebration is fostering an understanding of the AAPI culture in Lancaster. “It showcases Lancaster in a different light and shows everyone that we are a hub of different cultures. Lancaster itself is elevating.”

Overall, Lam notes that the Lancaster community can continue to support the AAPI community in various ways. This include donations, volunteering at events, and attending events. “Celebrate and advocate AAPI in Lancaster and beyond,” Lam emphasizes.