December 28, 2023The Snack Stand: International Snacks in Lancaster City

Check out a wide range of international sweet and savory treats at The Snack Stand on 50 North Queen Street in Lancaster City. Marcie Natale, the owner of The Snack Stand, is delighted to bring Lancaster a wide selection of international snacks and other food items from around the globe!

Marcie is well-known within Lancaster City, owning three popular stores: The Gem Den and The Beadworks on the 50th block of North Queen, and The Pottery Works on 16 North Orange Street. Each of these small businesses encourages the Lancaster community to be creative and inclusive.

Now, with The Snack Stand, Marcie is furthering her goal of fostering creativity and inclusivity in everything she does. The Snack Stand offers flavors from around the world, expanding Lancaster’s mind and palettes to the different flavors abroad!

Upon entering The Snack Stand, explore an assortment of international snacks from Asia, Europe, Canada, and beyond! The Snack Stand plans to expand its offerings to include even more countries. Unlike other stores in the States, you can find unique items here. For example, The Snack Stand has various Asian chip flavors such as chicken feet, squid, and duck tongue.

variety of different unique snacks at The Stand Stand in Lancaster, PA.
Some of the international snacks pictured include:
Pomsticks from Germany, Belin Croustilles from France, Burt’s Guinness potato chips from Ireland, Oishi Prawn Crackers from the Philippines, Lays cucumber flavored potato chips made in Canada and sold in China, and so much more!

However, if sweets are more your thing, The Snack Stand has plenty of different gummies, hard candies, and other treats. A popular fan favorite is their violet-flavored hard candies from France.

In addition, The Snack Stand also offers gift baskets, making it the perfect present for the extended holiday season! Expand your palate and visit The Snack Stand, open seven days a week at 50 N.Queen St in Lancaster.

Click here to view The Snack Stand’s hours of operation.

*This article is part of a series dedicated to equally and equitably promoting small businesses within the City of Lancaster.*