Lancaster City is Going Green

Lancaster City is dedicated to creating a sustainable and resilient urban environment. Through innovative stormwater management and sustainable public spaces, the city exemplifies a commitment to environmental stewardship.

Stormwater Management

Lancaster City has implemented a comprehensive Green Infrastructure Plan to manage stormwater sustainably. The city’s focus is on reducing stormwater runoff and improving water quality through projects like rain gardens, permeable pavements, and green roofs. These initiatives not only mitigate flooding but also enhance urban green spaces, contributing to the overall health and aesthetics of the city.

Clean Water

The city’s water and sewer initiatives are pivotal in ensuring clean and efficient water use. Lancaster has invested in upgrading its wastewater treatment plant, incorporating advanced technologies to reduce pollutants and improve water quality. Additionally, the city promotes water conservation through community education programs and incentives for residents to install water-efficient fixtures. These efforts help sustain the city’s water resources for future generations.

Success Story: Ewell Plaza

An example of Lancaster City’s commitment to sustainability and community engagement is Ewell Plaza. Named after Olympic gold medalist Barney Ewell, this public space uses sustainable design elements such as native plantings, energy-efficient lighting, and a stormwater retention system. This system effectively captures and stores stormwater, reducing runoff and promoting groundwater recharge. The plaza serves as a hub for community activities and events, encouraging social harmony while promoting environmental awareness. Ewell Plaza’s design prioritizes accessibility and green infrastructure, making it a model for sustainable urban development.