Lancaster City's Great Selfie Spots

Lancaster City offers an array of picturesque locations perfect for snapping memorable selfies. Here's a guide to some of the best spots to capture your visit.

Penn Square

Located at the heart of downtown, Penn Square features views of Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square, the Griest building, the Lancaster City Welcome Center and the Soldiers and Sailors Monument. Its historic charm makes it a must-visit selfie spot. 


Lancaster City is adorned with vibrant murals, each telling a unique story of the city’s history and community.

Lancaster City's Public Art

Rooftop Bars

Capture stunning views of the city skyline at rooftop bars like The Exchange and Tellus 360. The scenic vistas and lively atmosphere make for perfect Instagram-worthy shots.

Steinman Park

This tranquil park offers a serene setting with beautiful fountains and lush greenery, ideal for a peaceful and picturesque selfie.

Liberty Bond House

Located in Buchanan Park, the Liberty Bond House is a small but charming historic building with unique architectural details, making it a distinctive backdrop for photos.

300 Block of North Queen Street

Known for its eclectic shops and vibrant street art, this block is a treasure trove of photo opportunities, capturing the essence of Lancaster’s creative spirit.

Lancaster Central Market

The oldest continuously operating farmers market in the country, Central Market boasts a bustling atmosphere and colorful displays of local produce, perfect for lively and authentic selfies.

PCA&D Art Park

Adjacent to the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design, this park features student artworks and installations, offering a dynamic and evolving selfie spot.

Barney Ewell Statue & Ewell Plaza

Celebrate local history at Ewell Plaza, home to the statue of Olympic gold medalist Barney Ewell. This spot combines cultural significance with artistic flair.

Gallery Row

Stroll along Gallery Row on North Prince Street, where art galleries line the street, providing an artsy and sophisticated backdrop for your photos.