November 3, 2017

Annex 24 Gallery
24 West Walnut Street
5 – 9 pm
BlackGirlMagic Exhibition: This exhibition celebrates the woman of color in all her glory.#BlackGirlMagic is a concept as well as a movement popularized as a way to celebrate the beauty, power and resilience of black women. The hashtag line #BlackGirlMagic is a way to identify and congratulate black women on their accomplishments. In this exhibition, visual and 3D art from artists across the region will be showcased for the month of November. Introducing a capsule exhibit entitled “Ain’t She Magic”, we are will showcase each artist’s interpretation of the magic that is the BLACK GIRL. Live music, live painting, live exchange of thoughts and ideas. Come be magic with us.

Christiane David Gallery
112 North Prince Street
5 – 9 pm

CityFolk Gallery
146 North Prince Street
5 – 9 pm
Juxtaposition: “Two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect.” Mary Holton’s Ballerinas are always a Gallery favorite and are shown in this exhibit with her new series of abstract paintings.

City Hall Gallery
120 North Duke Street
5 – 8:30 pm
Join us for Whimsy, a series of playful ink on paper drawings by Angie Hohenadel. Angie is a local artist and full-time high school art teacher who resides and makes work in Lancaster City. As an artist and teacher Angie regularly works on the balance of public and private, extrovert and introvert, instructor and maker: all cyclically informing one another.  In addition to making and teaching art Angie loves hiking, gardening, swimming, groundhogs, cooking, blankets, gummies, patterns, naps, travelling, vegetables, tiny things, yoga, her friends, her family, her dog Poncho, and her artist-husband Jeremy. You can find more of her work at her website

Community Room on King
106 West King Street
6 – 9 pm
.! ‽? is an exhibition exploring the relationship between symbols, structures, and systems of tradition contrasted with the desire for something new and innovative. The work uses the languages of found objects, appropriation, the ceramic process of slip casting, the gridded system, and the history of Conceptualism to explore these ideas. The majority of the work presented in the exhibition uses clay to address the themes of multiple meanings and differing definitions that are found within language and culture. Using ceramics, explorations into the value and influence of physical objects, the distinctions between the physical and the conceptual, and our society’s deep desire to clearly identify, label, and order things are expanded upon. The work in this exhibition will be presented by Brett Morgan, a current senior at Millersville University, double majoring in Art Education and Studio Arts with an emphasis in Ceramics. The night includes engaging with the art, with the artist, food and drinks and more. 

Demuth Museum
120 East King Street
5 – 9 pm
Robert E. Locher – A Modern Classic: This exhibition features work by artist, theater designer, interior designer, and longtime friend of Charles Demuth, Robert E. Locher. Locher was well known for his illustrations in publications such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, and House and Garden, as well as interior design. He was considered one of the leading modern designers of the 20th century. Prolific during his time and well respected by his contemporaries, some of Locher’s clients included Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney and Juliana Force. Robert E. Locher: A Modern Classic exhibit features furniture, housewares, costume designs, and other work by this all but forgotten artist. Accompanying this exhibition is a major catalogue, Robert E. Locher: A Modern Classic by Anne M. Lampe with author Charlie Schroeder published by the Demuth Museum.

East Chestnut Street Mennonite Church
432 – 436 East Chestnut Street
5 – 9 pm
The Gallery at East Chestnut Street Mennonite Church has collaborated with Common Humanity, NY, NY to host Artists in Exile, a world refugee art exhibit, to celebrate the beauty and humanity of our world community. Artwork by Iraqi Artists, Gaza Youth and local recently resettled refugee artists has been on display throughout the month of October and is now culminating with a unique celebration during November’s First Friday, with additional local art exhibits, ethnic music, and entertainment.

The Framing Concept
328 North Queen Street
5 – 9 PM
Please stop by and meet the artist, William C. Ressler, A.W.S. He is well known for paintings of Philadelphia, its suburbs, New Jersey shore, and rural scenes, many of Lancaster County, Pa. He is a member of the American Watercolor Society and a life member of the Philadelphia Watercolor Society.

Freiman Stoltzfus Gallery
142 North Prince Street
5 – 9 pm

Friendship Heart Gallery
118 North Water Street
5 – 8:30 pm

Fulton Elementary School
225 West Orange Street
5 – 8 pm
Come enjoy a First Friday student art and music show at Robert Fulton Elementary School. Warm up inside the beautiful 1918 school building designed by renowned Lancaster architect, C. Emlen Urban. Coffee, hot chocolate, and snacks available, with donations to the Fulton Elementary PTO gladly accepted.

The Gallery of Modern Masters
28 Penn Square
6 – 9 pm
World-renowned glass sculptor Christopher Ries will be joining us to discuss his technique. Enjoy desserts and apple cider.

Lancaster Art Studios
411 West King Street
5 – 11 pm
First Friday Art Market, featuring fine art, handmade items, and more! Admission is free. While you’re here join us for an open studio paint night. Paint whatever you like! We will have instructions available for some of our more popular paintings, paint freestyle, bring a picture as reference, or paint along with the instructor as she creates a new painting (she even takes requests!). Bring your own canvas (or object) to paint, or canvases will be available to purchase for an additional cost. Carry-in snacks and drinks encouraged, 21+ BYOB with ID.

Lancaster Dental Arts, P.C.
60 West Walnut Street
6 – 9 pm
Every First Friday of the month we open our doors to you and the community to see the beautiful artwork we have hung in our office by local artists. There will be great music and delicious food as well.

Lancaster Detective Agency & Christine Peace Photography
228 North Duke Street
6 pm
Live music, photography to be admired or to be apart of, and learn all you ever needed to about detective services. IS there something in your life where the truth needs to be uncovered?

Lancaster Galleries
34 North Water Street
5 – 9 pm
Solo exhibit featuring Wissler: Sky and Light.

Lancaster Museum Of Art
135 North Lime Street
5 – 9 pm
Warren Rohrer – Painter of the Fields: This exhibit, the first major overview of Warren Rohrer’s work held in Lancaster County will examine the various stages of his career; including works from his early days of drawing to his fully realized abstract artistic language based on the fields of Lancaster County where he lived. Rohrer, who was one of the premier twentieth century abstract painters working in Philadelphia, went on to teach painting at the University of the Arts, and had his first major museum exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. This overview of his life and work will be from a uniquely Lancaster perspective and explore the deeply inherent connection of his love of the land in the county and how he developed that into his own abstract language that he used for the balance of his career. This exhibit is accompanied by a catalog, Warren Rohrer: Painter of the Fields by Anne M. Lampe.

Liz Hess Gallery
140 North Prince Street
5 – 9 pm
Original and printed works of artist Liz Hess.

LSJ Studios
110 West King Street
5 – 9 pm
Please join us for our November First Friday exhibition which takes an intimate look at all of the work that happens behind the scenes. Loryn Spagler Jones’ sketches, paintings and failures no one sees. A collection of work from the last twenty years. Some pieces available for purchase.

Mio Studio
154 North Prince Street
5 – 9 pm
Handmade, one-of-a-kind jewelry and fine art, and photography featuring The Urban Social Blend.

Mulberry Art Studios
21 North Mulberry Street
5 – 9 pm
Moments Along the Way, Ross Sachs’ latest collection of paintings that capture the mood of light and the feelings from a particular moment, will be at Mulberry Art Studios throughout the month of November. As an early student of art, it all began with calligraphy. The use of angles and lines of the ink lead to shadows and shading with line. Tone from line lead to shading with airbrush. The airbrush took him into automobile hood designs and van murals. Airbrush eventually lead to topographical maps. Maps lead to other illustrations and meeting some of the best illustrators in the business. Ultimately, it lead to collecting original illustration. Holding and carefully studying originals looped back to the beginning. That beginning was adding tone after tone to a surface which became the finished art, but now reverse it. The paintings of Moments Along the Way are all “painted” in a method that actually involves the removal of the paint. Reverse of adding paint. Yes, there is some addition of paint, but the majority of the works are all created by applying oil paint and then using paper towels to remove it. This process is a method similar to map making training, in reverse. More can be found online at

The Parrot Gallery at Community Mennonite Church
328 West Orange Street
5 – 8 pm
Art educator Beky Weidner presents watercolors from her past year of biking through the seasons on local roads. Live music by Larry Penner and friends for opening reception.

Pennsylvania College of Art and Design
204 North Prince Street
5 – 8 pm
To enrich the community, Pennsylvania College of Art & Design developed The Mosaic Project, a multicultural exhibition and education program for students and families in Lancaster County. This years Mosaic artists are Amber Robles-Gordon and Nate Lewis. Meet Nate Lewis from 6 – 7 pm.

Red Raven Art Company
138 North Prince Street
5 – 8:30 pm
Featured Artists: Rhoda Kahler, Georganna Lenssen. Highlight Artist: Teresa Haag.

Saint James Episcopal Church
Corner of Duke and Orange Streets
9 – 9:30 pm
Compline: “Nightcap for the Soul” on First Friday. Held on First Friday of the month, a city-wide celebration of the arts, this short meditative service is the perfect way to end this Friday night.

Viktor Yeliohin International Ballet Academy
25 East Grant Street
6 – 8 pm
Join us at Hammel Associates Architects and visit with a selection of our Nutcracker performers from Viktor Yeliohin International Ballet Academy. Tickets will be available for purchase to the upcoming Nutcracker Ballet performance in December. This is a kid friendly event. Hammel Associates will be providing over 100 LEGOS sets available for families to use.

The Ware Center
42 North Prince Street
7 pm
WE THE PEOPLE is the Ware Center’s First Friday program in which local artists representing the great mosaic of our community offer presentations of their work in performance genres as diverse as our nation. Join storyteller/musician Julia Jordan Kamanda as she brings interactive music and stories from West African and Peruvian cultures to a family audience.