Groff’s Vegetables

Local produce stand at Central Market

The Groff’s start almost all of their crops from seed and grow throughout the winter utilizing the three greenhouses they have on their farm. The one item they sell at their stand that is not raised on their farm is a tradition that has evolved over the years; importing a particular baby new potato from farms in Florida which are only available in the spring time. Celery and lettuce are cited as the Groff’s best sellers, and these farmers truly are experts in raising both. They offer an exceptional array of red leaf, green leaf, and red green mixed leaf, homegrown lettuces to choose from; Butter Crunch, Galisse, Romaine, New Red, Fire, Galactic, Cherokee, Teide, Bergamo, Red Riding Hood, Jamai, Magenta, Antago. and Swiss Chard. Lots of other nutritious seasonal vegetables are available at Groff’s throughout the year. 

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