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Lancaster City’s small businesses make our city a unique, vibrant place to visit and live. Right now, those small businesses need our support to weather the economic hardship caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. “Support Lanc” is a collection of information of how you can help support Lancaster City’s local, small businesses.

Click on the “Eat Local” tab to see a list of restaurants offering outdoor dining and takeout.

Click on the “Shop Local” tab to see a list of retail locations open and offering walk-in shopping.

Green Phase in Lancaster City

On June 26, Lancaster County moved into the green phase of COVID-19 recovery. In addition to guidelines that allow walk-in retail shopping and outdoor dining, the green phase also allows indoor dining at limited capacity and in-person business to resume for all types of businesses, such as hair salons. While this is positive step, the City of Lancaster remains committed to fighting COVID-19 through social distancing, staying 6ft apart from those you do not live with, and wearing a mask or face-covering while in public and in businesses. Let’s continue to support our fabulous small business and arts community here in Lancaster City! Remember, the health & safety of our residents, workers, and visitors remains a top priority. Please take necessary caution traveling throughout the city and follow the rules of each establishment when visiting.

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New Public Dining Areas

The City of Lancaster has introduced new public dining areas! These public spaces are blocked off for pedestrian use only. Patrons are encouraged to bring their takeout and enjoy eating at one of the streets designated as pedestrian public dining areas. Currently there are two locations, N. Market St. (by Central Market) and E. Grant St. (in the rear of Fulton Bank), however the city plans to introduce additional spaces in the coming weeks to support more local businesses. Follow public outdoor dining area updates using this map.

Outdoor Dining in Lancaster City

Outdoor dining has returned to Lancaster City! Check out Visit Lancaster City’s blog for more information on outdoor dining in Lancaster City during yellow phase.

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Photo from The Exchange.

Walk-in Shopping in Lancaster City

Walk-in shopping is back in Lancaster City! It’s never been more important to support our small businesses. Check out Visit Lancaster City’s blog on walk-in shopping during yellow phase.

Check out the blog here.

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Lancaster City Indie Retail Week

Support Lancaster City’s retailers! Lancaster City Indie Retail Week, July 17-24, is a week-long, city-wide event that shines the spotlight on our fabulous retail community. Lancaster City shops will be offering special deals and promotions all week long.

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10 Ways to Explore Lancaster City from Home

Check out Visit Lancaster City’s recent blog post on how to explore Lancaster City from home. Lancaster City’s attractions are offering plenty of family friendly activities and digital experiences to keep everyone entertained.

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