I believe many Cities get complacent, focusing on weaknesses rather than promoting strengths. LOOP proactively promotes those strengths: arts, music, specialty shops, Restaurants, and more. EHD is proud to sponsor these types of events. They are family oriented and Educational. There is so much talent here and it provides people with an opportunity to display that talent and provide the public unique experiences they may not experience anywhere else!

Joseph C. Harriger

Lancaster Community Foundation

We’re proud to partner with LOOP and the City of Lancaster to support arts and culture. We believe that building our community’s culture and capacity for innovation and creative problem solving is essential for an extraordinary community.

Tracy Cutler

Auntie Anne's, Inc.

Auntie Anne’s is delighted to be a part of Lancaster City, and we proudly support the City of Lancaster Office of Promotion in their efforts to continue to make the city a diverse thriving community where residents love to live and many love to visit.

Beth Monaghan

Fulton Bank

Mayor Gray and his team have worked to continuously engage the residents and visitors of the downtown area making it a popular destination that is a hub for art, music, educational and cultural diversity.

Craig Roda