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Space Donkey and the Moonbouncers Live at Tellus360

Friday, August, 30 - August 31, 2019 @ 1:00 am
Tellus360 - 24 East King Street, Lancaster, PA 17602
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(717) 393-1660

What a night of Music we have in store for you for this one!!! Space Donkey and the Moonbouncers: In January 2018, Peter Ferris met with his longtime friends, Zachary Washko and Eric Lesinski, with a gig coming up in three weeks. He promised the promoter an entire set of original music, and had never written a tune in his life. Unbeknownst to everyone involved, this meeting was the culmination of all the unplugged 2-song performances, extended backyard jams, and the cover of “Sell Out” at the senior year high school talent show that the guys all partook in together. They composed the skeletons of what would eventually become “Space Ass’ Seven Inch,” the debut release from a new group spanning across funk, psychedelia, jazz fusion, and surf rock, that very day. The band was to be called Space Donkey and the Moonbouncers. The name in question was once a tag maintained within their artistic circles for unhinged, amateurish creative expression, marked by fleeting moments of youthful passion and undeniable inebriation. What had begun as an loose collective of musicians would soon morph into an exciting new project. The rest is far from history, but rather an immense work in progress. Combining the soulful sounds of the past, the sleek sounds of the present, and the unknown sounds that only an unhealthy obsession with music could foster, Space Donkey and the Moonbouncers makes music designed primarily for moovin’ and groovin’. Gettin’ down, feelin’ nasty, and jivin’ are all acceptable options, too. Join us on The Incredible Journey, and all of your worries will vanish. Sun Not Yellow: Sun Not Yellow is an Indie Alt Rock trio that formed in Lancaster, Pa during the Summer of 2017. Jesse Barki, Cory Paternoster, and Caden Myers all met at Lebanon Valley College where they studied Audio Engineering and Music Business. Some of their most notable inspirations include Wilco, My Morning Jacket, Frightened Rabbit, Bob Dylan, Bright Eyes, The Alabama Shakes, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Neil Young, The Grateful Dead, and Pavement. Their first full length ‘Activity Oriented Meditation’ flaunts a unique amalgamation of these influences, showcasing thoughtful and relevant lyrics backed by very involving guitar melodies combined with a very driving and powerful rhythm section built from linear drum beats and walking bass lines that have a life of their own. The album was recorded by Mike Bardzik at Noisy Little Critter in Downingtown, Pa between the months of February and May of 2018. They are currently playing as many shows as they can in support of the record. November Lounge: November Lounge is an alternative band with jazz roots from Annville, PA.