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Kwame Binea w/ Lydia Brittan and the Internationals

Saturday, May 6 2017 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Tellus360 - 24 East King Street, Lancaster, PA 17602

This event is ADA accessible.

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A true product of New York City, Kwame’s music reflects the passion; the energy and the sounds of the city. They say a man walks a long road before finding his path. Kwame Binea has been paving his way through the art of music. Born Nana Kwame Biney Asiedu Agyemfra in West London to a single Ghanaian mother, he soon moved to Ghana to live with his grandparents, where music became his passion. Kwame was influenced by the rhythms of traditional Ghanaian and West African music as well as Reggae, Folk, and American Soul and Blues. Moving to the United States to further his education enabled Kwame to fulfill his dream of making music. He attended William Paterson University, which is recognized as having one of the finest Jazz and Contemporary Music Programs in the country. At William Paterson, he began pursuing his musical career by teaming up with fellow musicians, creating a classic rock, blues and soul band, The Kause. After leaving The Kause, Kwame met songwriting partner Justin Wilcox at a recording session in Union City, NJ. Initially performing as an acoustic act, their iconic sound drew the attention of other talented musicians hailing from NY and NJ. As his band grew larger, the music developed both lyrically and sonically making Kwame’s Harlem apartment walls rattle. As a result, the ‘Uptown Shakedown’ was born. Kwame Binea’s electrifying live performances with the solid musicianship of his band, the ‘Uptown Shakedown,’ built a following as diverse as New York City. His fans were able to watch him perform all over iconic New York City music venues including Brooklyn Bowl, Mercury Lounge, Rockwood Music Hall, Sullivan Hall, The Bitter End, Kenny’s Castaway and their Summer Residency at Arlene’s Grocery as well as shows across the East Coast. Kwame, the singer/songwriter, has made his home in Harlem, New York where he continues to spread the message of peace, love and music. His strength in music has been shaped by the diversity of cultures he has experienced, and his passion and intensity of spreading positivity through Music are symbols of who Kwame Binea is. “My music is organic,” says Kwame, “it’s about life, love and struggle, but it’s danceable. We make music that moves you and that makes you move.” This stellar quartet is fuzed with soaring vocals, bass that lays the hook, guitar tones that are magical, and drums that will make you want to move. Based out of Nashville, TN and Lancaster, PA this eclectic group brings a fusion of Jazz and RnB like you’ve never heard before. This all-star group is made up of Lydia Brittan (vocals), Sissy Dinkle (bass/vocals), Sean Cox (guitar) and Arturo Ortega (drums). This young dynamic group has drawn from experience both traveling and living abroad, thus being deemed: The Internationals. With a three-part punch coming in with groove, skill and presence, this group is a spectacle to behold. Lydia Brittan was born and raised in West Virginia and is currently making her home in Nashville, TN. Brittan’s accomplished career has been deemed noteworthy by the Nashville Review and as an International Songwritting Competition winner. “As a listener, Lydia draws you in and keeps you there.” – Jim Morgan, International Songwriters Competition “She’s is on her way to something AMAZING! Lydia has that ‘it’ factor.” Josh Reedy, Thomas Rhett Band Sissy Dinkle, born and raised in Chesapeake, VA makes her home in Nashville, TN. Dinkle’s career has carrier her across boarders – recently completing tours through Italy, Russia, and Spain. As Berklee master’s graduate her level of talent and skill is unparalleled.