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Family Fun Fest: Sunjata Kamalenya The Story of the True Lion King of Africa

Saturday, October 19 2019 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
The Ware Center - 42 North Prince Street, Lancaster, PA 17603
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The Ware Center

Experiential Theater Company presents a completely interactive show celebrating the greatest hero of West African legend, Sunjata Keita, the first mansa (king) of the ancient Empire of Mali. This 13th century epic tale takes place in a magical world filled with sorcery and enchantment. Authentic music, costumes, and scenery invite you into this modern Mandé village where the jelimuso (storyteller) guides your journey as you sing, dance, and act alongside professional actors and musicians in a truly unique and immersive experience. Open captioning and ASL interpretation will be offered for this performance. There will also be pre-show lobby activities at 12 P.M.