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Leadership Lancaster's purpose is to identify existing and emerging leaders, to prepare them for roles in shaping the future and to entrust them to guide the county in the years ahead.

In 1983, Leadership Lancaster was established by the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the Junior League of Lancaster County. The first class of forty people graduated in 1984.

The Core Class of 2013 will be the 30th anniversary class. In total, over 2,000 participants have graduated from our Core Program.

In 1988, Leadership Lancaster became a division of The Foundation of the Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

In 1990, the organization started the Executive Orientation series designed to help new executives and their spouses become more involved and committed to Lancaster County. Over 500 people have participated in this program.

In 1992, the Alumni Committee of the Board of Directors created a series of continuing education breakfasts three times a year to keep all our program graduates apprised of the major issues and concerns facing Lancaster County.

In 1996, the Senior Volunteer Series was started to help retired and semi-retired people get the most out of their retirement and the community. This program was started in conjunction with Retired and Senior Volunteer Program of the American Red Cross. Over one hundred people participated in this program.

In 2004, Leadership Advantage was launched in order to provide workshops for volunteers and staff of nonprofits that can use new ideas, approaches for outcome management, finance, board training and more.

Leadership Lancaster takes great pride in providing scholarships for those people who would otherwise not be able to pay the full tuition for the Core Program. We give approximately $10,000 in scholarships every year. The importance of a cross section of all types of people is of utmost importance for the success each class.

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