City Hall Gallery

Public gallery located in the City Hall Annex, behind City Hall. Featuring a rotating show of local artists.

Current Exhibition: Tied in Knots: Untangling the Art of Textiles by Amber Kane

Lancaster City’s Office of Public Art is pleased to present the upcoming exhibition at City Hall Gallery featuring new works by artist Amber Kane. Kane creates colorful and richly textured woven wall hangings, playing with modern compositions and unexpected materials.

Kane draws inspiration from materials and process. She learned traditional weaving techniques while studying art education at Messiah College. However, she does not view herself as a traditional weaver, since she doesn’t follow patterns or count threads, instead, doing everything by feel, and listening to the material. Her practice pulls inspiration from Saori weaving, a weaving practice without restriction or restraint, allowing the maker to freely express and celebrate the human elements of creativity and individual personality.

Speaking about her weavings, Kane said, “The work in this show is about allowing you to see and experience the process, sparking your curiosity, and hopefully inspiring you to leap out of your comfort zone.

Kane is best known for her one-of-a-kind handwoven scarves, which she likes to call “art that you can wear.” She creates her wall hangings with similar techniques, but utilizes a wider range of materials (twine, gold leaf, metal, and roving) since she doesn’t need to think about how the piece feels or drapes on the body. Kane uses a four harness Nilus Leclerc floor loom and a 26” Mirrix tapestry loom to create her work.

Kane, who is also an art educator, lives and works in Lancaster, PA. Her one-of-a-kind scarves are available on-line at, and at Sophie Stargazer boutique.