City Hall Gallery

Public gallery located in the City Hall Annex, behind City Hall. Featuring a rotating show of local artists.

Current Exhibition: The World Around Me Photographs by Alysha Plaza

Alysha Plaza’s photos begin with her detailed observation of the world in which she lives. Her perspective is mature and insightful, particularly when you take into account her youth, she will be entering 8th grade at Lincoln Middle School this fall. She is the youngest artist to have an exhibition of their artwork at City Hall Gallery.

Plaza writes the following about her work, “For as long as I can remember, I’ve always paid attention to detail. The little things in life bring me the greatest joy. Photography is my outlet, a way to show my view of the world by taking a piece of it and putting it in a frame. I hope others can look at my pictures and see a story, and maybe even become inspired to not only change the world around them, but to share their own stories.”

Alysha Plaza attended Burrowes Elementary School for 7 years. She was introduced to photography through an after-school club in 4th grade. At the age of 10, Plaza had her first exhibition at Annex 24 Gallery, where she has shown her work in several additional exhibitions. Alysha has participated in the local Sunday Arts Market and entered the Keys for the City Photo Contest. She started her own photography business, Buena Vista Photography by Alysha, and has participated in First Thursday Latino networking events.

Plaza’s short-term goal is to travel to Japan next year, as part of a SDoL program, first she must complete her application, be accepted and raise funds for the trip. She hopes to photograph the journey. Her long-term goals include continuing her education at a four-year art college and eventually becoming a professional photographer, traveling the world.