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Community Spotlight: Violet Baldwin & NuLife @ Nimble Thimble

Violet Baldwin is an Artist Representative here in Lancaster and you might be familiar with her gallery, Baldwin’s Dirty Little People Gallery. Violet does small business consulting and works to get pieces of art into various locations, as she also coaches in sales and works on solo projects to help organize events for other local businesses. She mainly focuses on working with local non-profits because it allows her to give back to the community while exposing her to new people and experiences. Her latest project was working with NuLife @ Nimble Thimble and helping them create their First Friday Grand-Reopening event.

NuLife @ Nimble Thimble is an organization that teaches women at-risk women how to sew and craft. They recently became a part of Nimble Thimble and that is where Violet comes into play, as she organized and promoted the grand reopening on April 6, 2018.

Violet offered her services to NuLife and pulled her resources together to promote this wonderful event. Violet worked with the Lancaster City of Alliances to do city-wide promotion, which included making online fliers and social media postings. Violet was also in charge of taking care of door prizes and the big giveaway; a grand-prize drawing of a coastal cruise along the Chesapeake Bay for a party of six! As another big event, Violet was able to organize a book signing with JoAnn Jones-Powell, author of “Trials of a Woman: From Struggle to Survival”, as a special guest for the grand reopening.

She was eager to help with this event because she feels that Lancaster is a model to other cities, with all the city has to offer. When asked why she thought Lancaster was a good place for this nonprofit, she stated, “Lancaster is so well known for acceptance and culture. We are dedicated to helping those in need and art can be a great way to help.  It allows us to bring the skills of other cultures together to generate income for those in need.”

About NuLife @ Nimble Thimble

NuLife is a non-profit organization, run by Schirlyn Kamara, that teaches at-risk women to sew and reuse recycled material, which they are then able to sell the products they make.  This organization will now be a part of Nimble Thimble, a sewing shop in downtown Lancaster. The goal of this organization is to teach women how to create new items and by now being a part of Nimble Thimble, they will be able to help so many women in need. They are working on adding classrooms, work space and retail space which will allow this nonprofit to grow even more and offer a greater service to those who need it.

If you are interested in helping with NuLife @ Nimble Thimble, donations of materials and equipment are always welcomed and appreciated.


Violet Baldwin in an Artist Representative here in Lancaster County. She is the owner of the gallery, Baldwin’s Dirty Little People Gallery located at 511 E Marion St, Lancaster, PA.