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lizriden2If you haven’t heard about LIZ RIDEN yet, expect to hear the name pop up often in the next few months. Liz Frandsen is the mastermind behind the LIZ RIDEN brand, which specializes in women’s leather handbags that are minimalistic, timeless and clean, all made here in Lancaster. Liz is introducing her fall collection at the end of this month with a launch party at Sophie Stargazer. This will be Liz’s first pop-up shop event and Sophie Stargazer is proud to host it.

Liz has been officially open for business since February of this year and has sold her bags at Sophie Stargazer since June. Liz has had a wonderful experience working with Sophie Stargazer and in return has benefited from having a local storefront since the majority of her brand is sold online. Kristin Snyder, owner of Sophie Stargazer, has the ability to connect Liz with the community of Lancaster and also receive feedback, face-to-face. Together they share the vision of providing high quality styles that are made ethically and with a purpose.

Liz's installation at Prince Street Cafe in June 2015.

Liz’s installation at Prince Street Cafe in June 2015.

Although this is Liz’s first pop-up shop event, the Lancaster scene is nothing new to her. She was born and raised in Lancaster and moved back here after attending Savannah College of Art and Design. After deciding to officially launch her brand, Liz has been busy getting her name out in Lancaster. She launched LIZ RIDEN with a party at Loft in Park City Center, participated in ArtWalk this spring, and just recently had an installation at Prince Street Cafe.

Liz is currently working on expanding her brand to include more women’s products such as clothing and possibly leather goods for men. She is starting to reach out to customers all over the country through her website and even increase her production by teaming up with other local manufacturer. As of now, Liz is ready to launch her latest collection and excited to see what the community thinks of the chic and unique style she has to offer this fall.

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