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Lancaster Unity Community Cleanup

Lancaster Unity was originally formed after I saw litter on the sidewalks of our beautiful city. I posted on Facebook asking what we could do about the trash, people responded, one thing led to another and eventually we held our first community clean up. Almost a year later, we are looking forward to our fifth clean up event.

On Saturday, August 22, Lancaster Unity and Isaac’s Famous Grilled Sandwiches invite the community to come out and pick up litter around the city. The litter collected will be used for “Let’s RETHINK Litter in Lancaster”, a Litter Letter Project sponsored by Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority. The word RETHINK will be displayed in the city, built with 3D letters made from chicken wire and rebar and filled with trash collected from the city streets. We hope the display will encourage people to RETHINK and reevaluate their consumption and waste.

Please join us in collecting trash to fill these letters and help to bring awareness and action to the litter that is in our gorgeous home. Everyone is invited to join on August 22 at 10 AM at Tellus360, 24 East King Street, for the clean up event. Bags, gloves and vests will be provided. Click here to view the event on our Facebook page.

By Martha Good, Lancaster Unity