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Red Rose Run: Do you have the motivation you need to succeed?

In life, it’s important to have motivation for the goals you set. How can you expect to succeed at something if you can’t commit to being your own best cheerleader? You know better than anyone else what you need and want, and only you can make it happen! This is just as true for running goals as it is for those you set, for example, in the workplace.

So, before you take up running, I urge you to think about what the decision means to you. What are your goals – do you want to run a 26-mile marathon or do you just want to be able to run around your neighborhood without getting winded? The choice is up to you and should be based on your comfort level. Any good run should be applauded, regardless of distance – it’s all about achieving your personal goals and staying healthy. (Hint, hint: The five-mile Red Rose Run in Lancaster might be the perfect goal for you to set for yourself.)

Once you have a goal or two in mind, ask yourself why you made those goals and what they mean to you. The answers to these questions will be different for everyone: improving health, losing weight, meeting new people, finding a new pastime, being a good role model – the possibilities are endless. But whatever your personal motivations, keep them ever-present in your mind. This is important because when you are challenged physically by running, these motivations will be a powerful tool to reflect back on so that you can encourage yourself to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

By Kyra Melleby Myers, guest blogger

Kyra Melleby Myers is a Sales Executive at Highmark Blue Shield.  She lives in Mount Joy with her husband, Tony and two children, Andrew and Molly. 

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