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Lancaster Rec Launches Big Green Gym Workouts

If running, CrossFit, yoga, or any exercise trend hasn’t worked out for you in the past, the Big Green Gym is here to help! Launching on May 1, the Big Green Gym is an initiative to utilize equipment at local parks and playgrounds for full-body workouts. Sponsored by Lancaster Recreation Commission (Lancaster REC), the Big Green Gym page will be filled with free and easy workout tutorials using the existing park equipment found in the 238 acres of parks throughout the City of Lancaster and Lancaster Township. Participating parks include: 6th Ward Park, Brandon Park, Buchanan Park, Crystal Park, Farnum Park, Reservoir Park, and Rodney Park.

The Big Green Gym initiative came into existence because of the desire to offer a variety of programs for adults who are currently active, or looking to become more active. Gyms and classes can be intimidating, expensive, or time consuming. Park workouts from the Big Green Gym can be done at any time of day, with anyone, and can be modified for any fitness level. The idea for the initiative also centered around the Lancaster REC’s partnership with the City of Lancaster, in the hope of raising awareness and use of the City’s constantly improving parks.

In order to get in the recommended 20-30 minutes a day of cardiovascular exercise, the Big Green Gym will offer a wealth of workout moves, including pictures and descriptions to help out newcomers. The Big Green Gym is a great way to get up and move within the Lancaster community! Take a trip down to your local park, and try out moves like bodyweight rows with an empty bike rack, arm dips on the slide, and bench pushups.

Click here for more information on the Big Green Gym initiative. See you at the park!

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