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Record Store Day

Long live vinyl! This years’ Record Store Day will take place on Saturday, April 18 with several local record shops participating, such as Angry, Young, and Poor, Mr. Suit Records, BohoZone, C.I. Records and Skates, and Stan’s Record Bar. The purpose of the annual Record Store Day is to support local music shops, and promote physical copies of music in a world where everything has gone digital and people scoff at the idea of paying for music.

The Record Store Day website defines a participating store as a shop that is stand alone, and whose primary business focuses on a physical store location, rather than a website. In their words, they are dealing with “real, live, physical, indie record stores-not online retailers or corporate behemoths.” The day comes once a year, every third Saturday in April, to celebrate the unique makeup of people that define the world of the record store. From the staff to the shoppers to the artists, Record Store Day supports the unique culture of a record store, and the roles these shops play in their communities.

Local record stores often celebrate Record Store Day by holding special events. Angry, Young, and Poor, located on West Orange Street, will be offering 10% off of clothing and shoes, as well as the chance to purchase a limited edition Ramones Turntable manufactured by Crosley. Bohozone, located on North Prince Street, will be opening early and selling about 100 of the Record Store Day new release albums. Bohozone will also be offering a promotional package of giveaways, and hosting a performance by a local musician outside of their shop. C.I. Records will be opening from 12 AM to 1 AM on Saturday morning, and then reopening at 9 AM to offer a 10% discount on purchases of $75 or more, and include free vinyl bags with purchases.

In the spirit of celebration, official Record Store Day participants will have exclusive releases, limited edition releases, and “Record Store Day First” releases. A full list of releases can be found on the official Record Store Day website. With good music comes great entertainment, as many participating shops around the country will have live bands giving exclusive performances to customers who make it out on April 18.

To truly capture what it means to live and breathe music, Record Store Day made legendary rocker Dave Grohl the official RSD2015 Ambassador. Grohl, front man of Foo Fighters and previous drummer for Nirvana, gives his words of wisdom, “I believe that the power of the record store to inspire is still alive and well, and that their importance to our next generation of musicians is crucial. Take an afternoon (and some hard earned lawn mowing money) and please support them. You never know, it might change your life forever, too.”

If you’re someone that loves music, and loves to support the local scene, consider coming out and participating in Record Store Day 2015 on Saturday, April 18!

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