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New at Lancaster Central Market: Catering by Christina

If you’re craving the best Puerto Rican food that Lancaster City has to offer, Catering By Christina will have a new home come April. Christina Maldonado, owner of Catering By Christina, will be opening a brand new stand at Lancaster Central Market with an anticipated opening date of Friday, April 10.

The stand will offer “old-school” Puerto Rican food with Christina’s unique twist. She will be offering traditional Puerto Rican breakfast sandwiches, lunch specials, soups, side salads, traditional Latin desserts, and plenty of dishes incorporating a sofrito base – sofrito is often used when cooking rice dishes, sauces, and soups and includes ingredients such as cilantro, sweet peppers, bell peppers, onions, and garlic. She will have tools at her disposal like a panini press, deli fridge, and plenty of counter space, in addition to the glass display case that will sit at the center of her stand.

Maldonado says that her catering services will not change, and that she still plans to be heavily involved in the community through her work at Lemon Street Market, Commonwealth on Queen, and through her individual catering clients.

“I finally have a home to sell my Latin food. It’s the perfect opportunity,” said Maldonado.

She is extremely excited to start her Central Market debut so that her regular customers will be able to have more access to her food. She expressed her excitement about the opportunity to get to finally see the looks on customers’ faces once they experience her food.

Maldonado will hire part-time help in order to make her transition to Central Market easier. She is looking to hire an experienced sous-chef in order to assist her in creating the dishes to serve at Market, servers for her business, and a pastry chef to begin making the bread for Catering By Christina’s breakfast sandwiches.

Though it seems like a transitional time for Catering By Christina, Maldonado assures that nothing will be changing, aside from the opening of her stand. She will still be catering, working in the community, and serving her customers great Puerto Rican cuisine. Celebrate the coming of warmer weather, and stop on over to Central Market on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays to experience Catering By Christina!

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