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Tigh Time: Tellus360 to open new lounge

After walking up the industrial style staircase to the second floor of Tellus360, bar goers are introduced to a whole new type of feel. Contrary to the excitement and hubbub that usually takes place on the floor below, the second floor lounge is a new hangout with a relaxed feel, appealing to anyone looking for a laid back night out with friends. The lounge houses separate amenities than the lower floor, featuring a bar with ten beers on tap (Tellus360-exclusive Murphy’s Stout from Ireland included) and over 50 different whiskeys.

On Thursday, March 5, Tellus360 will officially launch the lounge as Lancaster City’s newest attraction. The room will be called Tigh (pronounced like tea) Caleb, meaning House of Caleb, after Tellus360 regular Caleb Walker. Walker, a Lancaster native, sadly passed away in December after a long fight with brain cancer. The event, taking place in the late afternoon on Thursday, will feature appetizers, live acoustic music from Corty Byron, a demonstration and sampling from Ireland’s national champion of Irish coffee making, and plenty of good whiskey.

IMG_2181Upon entering the lounge, visitors will immediately notice the rustic wood settings in the back corners of the room. According to Tellus 360 staff, the pieces came from The Ware Center’s October 2014 production of Playboy of the Western World, debuted by Ireland’s own Kilmeen Drama Group. The records and books found on the shelves lining the lounge’s walls were purchased and donated from local retailers. The ping-pong and pool tables, along with the remaining furniture, were either used or donated. Other wooden pieces around the room, including the bar itself, were reclaimed from areas like the old Philadelphia Aqueduct, and a polio clinic in New York City owned by the famous Rockefeller family.

IMG_2178The opening event on March 5 will launch Tellus360’s newest endeavor, Tellus3Whiskey. Upon admittance to the club, each member will receive a numbered passport. These passports will keep track of the number of rare and unique whiskeys the owner has sampled throughout the month. There will be incentives along the way for club members, such as prizes and special events.

March 5 will be a special day for all who attend. Whether you are a lover of good whiskey, good music, or good friends, come by and have a good time at the new Tigh Caleb, located on the second floor of Tellus360 at 24 East King Street in Downtown Lancaster.

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