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The Extraordinary Give + Great Giving Gig

2014 Give-Logo Square2Thanks to the amazing support of Lancaster County residents, our community raised $3,239,566.07 for local community benefit organizations last year! Coming November 21, 2014 The Extraordinary Give is back to celebrate giving in Lancaster County. It’s an invitation to every individual who cares about a cause (kids or animals, healthcare or education, arts, history or the environment) to join forces and give a little EXTRA. For 24-Hours the Extraordinary Give unites us in a true community celebration of giving.

GreatGivingGig Postcard 4 x 62Be sure to stop by Tellus360 during the Extraordinary Give for the Great Giving Gig! Hosted by the Lancaster Office of Promotion, Arch Street Center, the Humane League of Lancaster, the Lancaster City Alliance, The Mix at Arbor Place, Music For Everyone, the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen, PRiMA Theatre Company, Vision Corps, and YWCA of Lancaster, the event will pay tribute to our thriving city, and the many great organizations in it. The event is free and we encourage everyone to GIVE to your favorite non-profits while enjoying live entertainment, local food and beverages. Remember, when you give extra, extraordinary things happen!

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