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Lancaster Craft Beerfest Do’s and Don’ts

We’ve previewed some breweries, given away tickets, and now I’m going to let you know the do’s and don’ts of the Lancaster Craft Beerfest. It’s going to be a BEAUTIFUL day (see forecast below!) so don’t mess it up for yourself or those around you and heed the following advice.


Don’t forget your ID! Regardless of how old you appear, you will be carded. Don’t forget your ticket either.

Don’t wear open-toed shoes, light colors or delicate fabrics. Someone that has overdone it on the samples may step on your toes or spill their LBC Milk Stout on you. Plan accordingly.

Do make sure to hydrate properly. There will be baby pools full of bottled water available, but sipping water during the Beerfest isn’t enough. Honestly, start now. You’ll thank me tomorrow night.

Don’t skip breakfast! And don’t eat a Pop-Tart either. Go with something more substantial, like eggs. Eggs contain cysteine, which helps the body metabolize alcohol, which makes them an excellent choice to avoid a hangover. Make sure to eat during the Beerfest too – the vendor list is awesome and all of the food will be great.

pretzelDo make a pretzel necklace. Pretzels are a good snack and palate cleanser. How to make a pretzel necklace, you ask? Just string some braided pretzels on a ribbon or string and tie around your neck. Voila.

Do bring your smart phone. Use the Eventbrite app to show your ticket. Check in on Foursquare to see if any of your friends are around. Use Untappd to keep track of the beers you’ve sampled. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter. Tag us in your X-Pro II-filtered #LancCraftBeerfest pics. Call your dad to pick you up afterwards. The possibilities are endless.

Do try new things. We’re lucky to have many great breweries in our area that will be at the Beerfest, but there will be a bunch of breweries there that you might not have access to regularly. Try them out, and try out styles you’re not familiar with. It’s easier to commit to a 3 ounce wild rice double IPA at the Beerfest than a 16 ounce one at the bar if you’re not sure you’ll like it.

Do make a plan. There will be 70 different varieties of beer to taste. Each sample is 3 ounces. Using some simple math (and that handy Google conversion tool) I found that tasting every beer would equal roughly 11 imperial pints. Some people may think they can drink that much but we’re not condoning such behavior.

Don’t try to drive home. DD tickets were available, but if you’re not utilizing that option there is always RRTA or Yellow Cab! Or your dad. Have you figured out who my DD is yet?

Don’t forget to leave the beer garden to check out the bands. I can personally vouch for Saint Sycamore, and have heard nothing but good things about Brethren and The Big Dirty.

So, like I said, do as I say and you’ll have a great Lancaster Beerfest experience. As for those of you who missed out on tickets – sorry! You can still hang out and access the food trucks and live music, and the Federal Taphouse is right down the block.

We’ll see you tomorrow – pretzel necklaces and all! And if I missed anything, let us know in the comments.

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