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5th Annual Groundhog Day Parade Recap

We here at MOOSE love to have fun in the City of Lancaster. We often attend events around town, and they’re not always our own. That’s why this past weekend I headed over to Rider Avenue for the 5th Annual Groundhog Day Parade at Valentino’s Café.

The parade got its start 5 years ago when 5 patrons were bored at the bar. Bean, one of Valentino’s bartenders, said “Hey, it’s Groundhog Day,” and suggested, “Let’s have our own parade!” The men gathered props from the restaurant and proceeded to march through the streets with them. It is all history from there.

The parade has grown considerably. Last year’s event boasted a crowd of 300 people and this year’s reached almost 450. The parade honors what they consider “the fallen hogs” – people who were a big part of the parade but have since passed away.

This was my first visit to the parade, which one could only describe as a fun and lighthearted event. Despite the cold and flurries, guests packed the parking lot of Valentino’s to watch. The parade began with a red carpet appearance by the grand marshals of the parade and ended with a cleanup team armed with brooms, dustpans and a trashcan. After the parade, the festivities moved indoors to Valentino’s for drink specials and a Best Costume Contest. I’m still not sure who won. Any ideas?






I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. To view more photos, visit Valentino’s Facebook Page.

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